Isla del Encanto

Isla del Encanto

My daughter and granddaughter just got back from Boriken aka Puerto Rico.  My granddaughter cried because she didn’t want to leave and said the island wanted to keep her there.  Have you ever had a feeling about a place that just calls you to stay or leave?  I have.  New Mexico has been calling me my whole life but it doesn’t look like I will ever get to live there permanently for a variety of reasons.  I wanted to move to Boriken in 2004 and I just found obstacle after obstacle (job, money, logistics, etc.).  I hope that her dreams come true — she can do it!

Below are images of the island’s beauty. All photos were taken by me.

Caverna de Camuy (Camuy Cavern)

Cueva Clara (Clear Cave)

Playa Camuy (Camuy Beach)

View from the Panoramic Highway

Beach near Loiza

Waterfall at El Yunque Tropical Forest

Wall at La Princesa Gate

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