Jewelry, books, and posters—Oh my!

Jewelry, books, and posters—Oh my!

As a working artist, my work doesn’t just appear in art shows, galleries or museums.  I’ve even shown artwork in restaurants, libraries, conferences, offices, and book stores. My work has been seen on book covers and posters, as well as available in other physical objects. Most recently I was asked if the following image could be used in a book that will be published by Italian writer, Mariella Turini. I am looking forward to seeing how the image will be incorporated into the final cover.

Deminan Inaru Carey – a drawing enhanced digitally that represents the Taino myth of how women were created.

Below are some covers that I have created over the years.


For quite a few years, I have created the poster for the annual Taino Gathering held in Jayuya, Puerto Rico.  Below are a few samples.

Jornada posters

My artwork can also be seen (and purchased) on mugs, phone covers, scarfs, basically anything you can place a digital image on.

This work and others (also on canvases!) is available on my Society6 page (

The following work is available on the VIDA Design Studio (

Hope you enjoyed a look at other ways I have shown my artwork!



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