Looking for my art studio in my home

Looking for my art studio in my home

Home is a funny word.  It conjures up different things for different people.  A high rise in the middle of a busy city might be the best home for some. While a secluded off grid tiny home might work for others.  I like my house and have slowly been working to turn it into a space I feel comfortable in – a home.

Houses have personalities and energy. I’ve lived in this house for almost 20 years now (with a 2-year break in 2004-06).  It was the home of a good friend and the house has an energy that is always welcoming and peaceful. In going thru my photos I really don’t have any of my home and that’s a shame.  I only have photos of the front lawn and steps covered in snow.  I’ve remodeled the front and will take some photos to add to the history of the house.

My only difficulty with the house is trying to find my “art studio space”. I’ve moved it from room to room 3 times already! Right now, it’s in the basement that is dark and my desk faces a wall. My sister now has the room where my office once was.  I think once she gets her own space, I’m going to make that my studio or switch one of the upstairs bedrooms to be the studio and move that bedroom downstairs.

My ideal art studio is bright and large with big windows and tables for all my needs. The art studios I’ve seen are usually full of “stuff” — art supplies, paper, chairs, easels, finished and unfinished projects, desks and cabinetry.  But then again, my most productive time and space was when I did an artist residency and my twin bed was right next to a dining room table that I used as the art table.  It was simple and effective.  Its best feature was that it faced a large window with a view to the trees. Maybe need to go back to that.

Just a thought.

Before renovation

Buried in snow




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