Love Lesson #10 –– Red Flags in a Relationship

Love Lesson #10 –– Red Flags in a Relationship

I wrote “What I Learned from Love” when I was trying to figure out what I gained/lost from the relationships I had been in.  Recently, I thought of one that had many red flags.

  1. He was extremely jealous and wanted to know where I was all the time.
  2. He wanted me to have a baby quickly.
  3. He followed me when I told him a friend from Spain was visiting and I was going to a gallery with that friend.  I found him in the street furious.
  4. He went to one of my philosophical meetings and was throwing daggers with his eyes at the instructor. It was a scary negative vibe.
  5. He argued with my daughter and barely knew her. (She was 16 at the time)
  6. He would sneak in my apartment through the window, but I barely went to his home.
  7. I never met any of his friends other than the mutual ones we had.
  8. We would get in arguments where I wanted to hit him!

The final straw

I met his daughter and she nonchalantly told me that he had hit her mother with a baseball bat.

I was out of that relationship in a New York second!

Did I really learn anything?  Yes, I don’t like to be controlled and you will not disrespect my children.

Did I continue to have bad relationships?  Yes, still working on it!!


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