Memories and Change

Memories and Change


I just looked up the love of my life in Facebook.  What a weird sensation–I was happy to see him but the emotions of 30 years ago came to the surface in a heat that I didn’t think was possible.  Was he still married? Did he have children?  He was connected to a beautiful young woman in Miami. All my insecurities came to the surface. I’m old now and probably not his type.

I remember saying goodbye the last time he was in town.  I was furious at him for just thinking I was available for sex.  But the song that makes me cry every time I hear it is the English version of “Sayonara”.

I’ve wondered thru the years what happened to him — a lot happened to me!!  Maybe if I were happier in my present life I wouldn’t be looking him up. Does he ever wonder about me?  I have a feeling he doesn’t.

When I met him I was 28 and newly separated.  He was my second boyfriend (after my husband).  We just enjoyed each other’s company. It was simple.  Now life is complicated.

Here’s me at 30. Boy I looked good!

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