Modern Indian boys

Modern Indian boys

Modern Indian boys meet General Custer at the principal’s office in high school.

War dances are held in front of the 7/11 while holding on to a 40 oz. for good luck.

Gang colors are the new traditional regalia as they fight each other instead of the true enemy.

Manhood ceremonies are now called hazings or gang bangs.

Modern Indian boys cut their hair short and wear bandanas around their heads that are now symbols of honor and respect.

Modern Indian boys hunt for best bargains and fierce clothes on the Web (before that — the mall)

Feathers and animal skins have been replaced by name brand pants and shirts.

They ride horses of steel that pollute the world and do not procreate.

Modern Indian boys learn about recycling as a foreign concept not a traditional value.

Love songs on the flute are sung with a hip hop/reggaeton beat and rhyming slang of the ghetto of the mind.

Modern Indian boys are quickly forgotten just as all Indians have been.

Victims of a genocide that they never learned existed.

©2021. V. Robles-Villalba aka V. Rosario

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