Poem from awhile back

Poem from awhile back

This is a very personal and intense poem, but I will share it with you.  I am an artist and take my emotions and experiences and “put them out there”.  Otherwise, I would go nuts. Sometimes the poetry just needs to be written.  I ‘m not upset or anything right now.  It is just how I felt one day in California about being the “other woman”.

My fantasy

My fantasy is that is that he loves me
Willing  to give me the stars and the moon.
He is my dream come true
My fantasy is that he doesn’t  care for her.
She means nothing to him.
My reality is that she exists and I mean nothing to him.
Otherwise he would treat me more kindly,
My reality is that I seek what is not mine to take or receive.
My reality is ugly truth compare to the crystalline fragile fantasy.
The muck of everydayness intrudes upon the unreal in my mind.
Would that my fantasy become my reality –
But that is why it is a fantasy.

Copyright 2002.

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