Shenandoah Destiny

Shenandoah Destiny

Under a red, incandescent Lakota sun, we met over a thousand years ago and yesterday.

Travelers on a journey through a universe of love and beauty.

Recognition in the sacred arbor devoted to the humble truth, where we sang and danced prayers for humanity. Dreams foretold of an ageless time when there would be a dark road, a stolen, passionate kiss and walking in a harmonious city.

Destiny’s call was strong and our spirits longed for whatever union there could be. How could we have known the future when we said goodbye for the first time those eons ago.

You embraced the moment and traveled miles across time and space seeking something – something elusive, yet concrete.  On a moonless September night, our spirits were filled with gratitude and joy at finding each other again.

In the midst of a great tragedy, we followed the dark river from the rapids swirling around obstacles of the mind to the calm waters of the fading sunset.

All of creation greeted us as we journeyed down the river of life.

As the plant life in the river swayed and flowed with the currents, the fish darted about showing themselves as a flash of quicksilver. The eagle soared above us and gave blessings.  Hawks fished in the clear waters in a display of freedom and abandon.  The hummingbird sang a song of renewal and faith.

The blue heron patiently waited as we came close to the truth.  Near yet far, her flight made a blue shadow over a sunlit river of life as the trees murmured their joy.

The warmth of the sun matched our feelings as we talked of life and marveled at creation.

The healing power you knew would flow through you to me, was ever grateful to be set free.  Just as was commanded by our ancestors, we made a pact to cherish the moment.

Our time together was too short and too long to live and relive a lifetime of love and friendship.

Destiny is a strange force – it brings joy and sadness, comfort and fear at the same time.

August suns, September moons that ended all too soon.

Until we meet again in another lifetime, in another thousand years.


Luray, Virginia • September, 2001

©V. Robles-Villalba aka V. Rosario


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