So far in 2021

So far in 2021

I often feel that I am not productive enough in my artwork. But when I look back at the work I have done, I realize that my productivity is like waves in the ocean.  There are times when the waves come often and are strong and fast.  Then the sea gets calm and there is a relaxation or a feeling of getting ready to come again.

Below are some of artwork that I have created in 2021.  They are in no particular order or intent.  Just experiments.

Blue woman — experiment in a different bold color scheme.

Coral woman — another color experiment

Drawing from imagination, done during a Zoom meeting

Photo of rocks at the MGM hotel gardens

Attempt to do a tiled piece with Taino symbols and colors

Digital design of Taino amulet done as a neon sign against dark green foliage.

Digitally added a dramatic sky to a photo taken by my sister of the Eiffel Tower in 2000.

A study in “Notan” — the Japanese concept of light and shadow done only in black and white.

Photo taken of Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly who visited my garden this year.


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