I once knew where I stood in life.

I was a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, bound by tradition, duty and culture.

A homemaker, a puerto rican, a new yorker, a student, a boricua

All labels I felt very comfortable with.

Each day brought a sure knowledge of where I was headed.

To success American style, a ranch style home, two kids and a garage in the suburbs.

Each action, I thought, brought me to goals that made sense to my tradition, duty and culture.

In one mind-numbing summer that all ended.


Who was I? Where was I headed? Why was I going there anyway?

Now I search for the self that I thought I knew so well.

The search is now the goal.

I haven’t forgetten my traditions, duty and culture.

They will always be a part of me.

But not the main part, just the background.

©2021. Virginia Robles-Villalba aka Virginia Rosario

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