The others

The others

You look furtively at the other ones’ eyes

Their brown eyes mysterious and deep

Thoughts and feeling you know nothing about

Even though you tried hard to make them forget

They remember

They remember the earth, her mountains, rivers, green grass, soaring eagles, dark caves, animals running free and wild

You hope the eyes do not look too deeply into yours.

The eyes stare back at you… unfathomable

The otherness that you avoid.

You control the world, why care about the others’ eyes

Restless, you stare out into space

But you come back to the others’ eyes

There is a peace there … a deep knowing

The brown eyes of the brown earth

Caring, you think.

Calm, yet wondering

Will you speak to the others’ eyes?

©2021. Virginia Robles-Villalba aka Virginia Rosario

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