The Sign

The Sign

I had to ask

I had to make sure that what I knew in my heart wasn’t true …

But it was.

Tears of pain

Tears of sadness

No sign from above that all would be right

I asked the sacred tree for a sign and it was given. Not what I wanted to hear, but needed to know.

Destiny fulfilled

Time to move on alone into the future

The hawk flies high above the mountains as the clouds come down to shroud it all in mystery.

Time will heal my wounded heart

Time will mist my memories of you

Time will pass and all will be as dust.

Your words were the dry, brittle shards that stabbed my heart.

Letting go, letting go

The waves on the shore wash over my soul and make it clean and whole again for new adventures and new memories.

Beautiful memories, fading footsteps in my mind, that recall a beautiful Spring day — a day of revelation, abundance, and joy.

Piercing, piercing — the eyes of the hawk look past you to the future.

The hummingbird sings its silent song as the butterflies come near to give me solace and company.

Our time together ended at the sacred arbor.

©2021. Virginia Robles-Villalba aka Virginia Rosario

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