The Space in Between

The Space in Between

The spaces that exist between and within us.

The space around and in my heart that you filled with joy, serenity and love is now empty.

The space beside me is barren and cold.

The space inside is numb with the pain of loss.

Spaces that were filled are not just space. They were a gap and are now a chasm.

The space becomes a boundary, a no-man’s land of fear and self-loathing.

Space that twinkled with stars and fireflies on a moonless night is now grey and misty.

The space between the lines of the trees we walked through together. The trees are now sentinels awaiting our return.

Space between the wood and the fire that burns with intensity.  Between the hot rocks, space is now close to the cold dark ground.

The space is my open arms that long for a return embrace.

The physical space is nothing compared to the distance between our hearts.

The bright light of the full orange moon is filling the space between my swollen eyes and my endless tears.

An empty space where you once stood.

©2021. Virginia Robles-Villalba aka Virginia Rosario

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