What I Learned from Love

What I Learned from Love

After my divorce, I went through a long dating period (over 25 years).  I met many “interesting” men.  I lived with 2 before I remarried.  From all the men I knew, I learned something about myself and them.

I decided to make a zine that would have what I learned and illustrations.  Some of the images are related to the time I spent with that person, not necessarily what was learned.

I also asked both men and women what they had learned.

I’ll post a few snippets as I gather the artwork that the text inspires!

From Roberto: That bras are difficult to remove, if you should at all.

From Juan: Follow your dreams and keep your art brushes clean.

From Raul:
A good sense of humor will take you far.

From Dan:
Family is real important. Just don’t introduce me to yours.

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