Lost and Found

Lost and Found

I painted this in the 80s and remember doing the shadows and enjoying the painting process.  I used a reference photo but don’t remember where the photo came from. It resided in my parents’ home for many years.  I must have brought it back with me when I returned to DC after living in NY for a year.  After that life got in the way and I lost track of the whereabouts of the painting. I thought the painting was still in NY and lost when my sister cleaned up my father’s home when she had to place him in a nursing home.  She now lives with me and we had even talked about it.  She didn’t remember it in the cleanup.

Fast forward to 2021. Due to the pandemic and its effect on mental health, my daughter’s ex-boyfriend looks her up after 30 years.  They are both older and wiser and have rekindled their relationship.  He mentions to me that he has one of my paintings and he wants to get it cleaned up and signed.  He loves this painting and has had it in a place of honor in his home.  Lo and behold, it is the lost seaside painting.

I was able to sign the back. (It still needs a cleaning.) I took a good photo of it and had it made into a new canvas.  So now it exists both as a physical and digital object.

Life takes its twists and turns!


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